The independent Ferlini Law Firm has been active since 1997.

We are a highly experienced team, capable of providing global and integrated assistance – some say “from A to Z” – on all of your projects. We are passionate about complex problems and impossible challenges: we love looking for innovative and unusual solutions.

We focus on Administrative Law (in particular: procurement and contracts, urban planning), Insurance Law, Civil Liability of the Public Administration and the Public Officials, Administrative and Accounting Liability, Civil and Professional Liability, Compensation for Contractual and Non-contractual Damage, Family and Successions, Tenancy and Housing Law, Contracts, Credit Recovery.

We provide advice, extrajudicial assistance and legal aid before the TAR, the Italian Council of State, the Italian Court of Auditors, the Italian Supreme Court, Tribunals, Courts of Appeal, Water courts, Mediation Bodies, Conciliation Bodies, Arbitration Bodies, ADR, Independent Bodies and Supervisory Authorities.

Innovative Solutions to Complex Problems

Our strength: fast answers, ability to provide legal solutions to complex issues and a flexible, highly specialized team.


We like ideas that seem unachievable. For us, innovating means making an effort not to do things “as they have always been done”. Discover our Case studies.

Professional Excellence, rapidity, efficiency.

We believe that the law is not for complicating things, but for providing solutions.

In more than 20 years’ experience, we focused:

✔On finding, together with the client, innovative solutions of legal engineering to solve new and complex issues.

✔In personally assisting our clients along the whole process, with flexibility and an integrated approach.

✔In elaborating and communicating solutions, in real time or with minimal waiting times.

Efficiency, flexibility and dynamism that allow us to compete successfully with larger law firms.

Global and integrated assistance

How can we help you? Here are some examples.

In the context of public procurement , we are able to provide assistance to the person in charge of the procedure, to the authorities in charge of the proceedings. We ensure our direct participation as commissioners and provide our technical and legal support to all the stakeholders involved.

We provide a comprehensive and integrated assistance on all stages of the administrative procedure : from its origin to the conclusion and its possible pathological phase (appeals before all judicial and administrative authorities).

In the field of insurance law , we assist the customer in developing insurance policy schemes (all branches), in evaluating new customer coverage, in designing new insurance plans, in managing complex claims, in supporting insurance brokers, in trials with companies, in trials on insurance brokerage contracts.